I'm seeking a software solution to extract data from résumé/CV in various format (PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.).

What I need is :

  1. extracting name, surname, email, phone numbers, segmented postal address (street, zipcode, etc.) into a exploitable structured output
  2. a free software solution
  3. extracting other typical résumé entries (previous jobs title, etc)
  4. a solution which directly integrate the previous results into OpenERP (note that OpenERP is now known as odoo).

Ideally it would integrate seamlessly with OpenERP, but any solution that would provide a key/value output would be enough as I can develop the integration glue myself. It just should let me obtain results on a Linux server, so a Linux compatible software would be better but even a web service with a reasonable response time for an interactive usage may be fine.

From my own research Open Applicant could have been a good candidate as it provided "resume parsing" and was free software. But unfortunately it looks like it disappeared from the web.

Non-free softwares that may do the job include DaXtra Parser, ResumeGrabber, Rchilli Resume Parser, Automated Hr Software Resume Parser.


Given that the tone of your question suggests some programming experience I would suggest that this could probably be achieved in python by:

  1. Converting each CV to a common format, such as markdown or plain text:
  2. Either: select relevant data using a set of python regular expressions using re/regex this will probably give you the quickest results but possible not the most comprehensive or:
  3. Parse and analyse using the nltk - this is possibly the more powerful solution but will take a lot of time and effort to implement.

    • extracting name, surname, email, phone numbers, segmented postal address (street, zipcode, etc.) into a exploitable structured output - Yes A good set of regular expressions should be sufficient for this.
    • Free - Yes apart from development costs
    • extracting other typical résumé entries - Depends on the effort that you put in and will probably require the nltk solution.
    • Integrate with OpenERP - since you can output in whatever format you need I would say yes or you could use an OpenERP Client.
    • Run on a Linux server - definitely.
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I came across one more resume parsing company www.candidatezap.com they claim able to upload resumes to many ATS / CRM without a coding / programming and no need to integration.

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    Hello! Could you please expand your answer to make it self-containing? Try to structure it so that it answer the 4 points in the OP question! – VicAche Apr 9 '17 at 7:51

Here is a free Resume / CV parsing api service you can use, pretty simple to integrate with your applications or websites. Has some sample .net code integration on the website

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Our CV parsing software helps you to extract details from resumes. Usually, it supports all formats of resumes/CVs.

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  • Could you give some e details. For instance, what is the output format? XML? Can It write straight to my database? Also, what's the pricing (not necessary to answer the question, but nice to know). I guess it supports Linux as the OP asked. Windows too? – Mawg says reinstate Monica Feb 12 '19 at 11:35
  • Also, is there an example output file anywhere on your website, so that we can see exactly what it looks like? – Mawg says reinstate Monica Feb 12 '19 at 11:37
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    The output is available in XML and JSON formats. It will help to store straight in your database, CRM or ATS. To serve better please provide your details here. (rchilli.com/contacts). – Lovepreet Dhaliwal Feb 21 '19 at 5:09

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