I want to add coordinates to a picture that has been taken without GPS activated.

Any app for this?


  • Runs on Android
  • Add coordinates to EXIF data
  • Select point on a zoomable/scrollable map
  • Free, ideally open source


  • At startup, center map on my current location
  • Batch addition
  • Modification of existing coordinates, in case of GPS error

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Oh, there are several of those. I have not tried any of them myself, but the probably best candidates seem to be:

EagleEye is probably the best choice here. I use its companion app PhotoMap, and am quite happy with it (it's based on the very same code, but rather a "lite" version lacking e.g. the feature to show pics without GeoTags and add the latter). Support is superb, issues I had were usually fixed within a week (if not faster).

For your task, it shows you the picture along with a map, and lets you visually move the "pointer" to the coordinates you want to write to the photo's Exif data:

EagleEye GeoTag
Edit GeoTags with EagleEye (source: Google Play; click image for large variant)

Of course you can edit existing GeoTags the very same way: simply drag the baloon to where it belongs. The app has a ton of other useful features, including

  • showing your photos by country or place
  • include a "GPS path" to show the order they were taken (map view)
  • show by year/month, distance, name, folder

And more. EagleEye is free and without any advertisements. Though I didn't use the app (yet) myself, most of its features (and behaviour) is known to me by its sister-app I'm using. Runs stable, is fun to work with. In short: This one you should definitely give a try :)

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