seerene (formerly "Efficiency Platform" by Software Diagnostics) is a tool that

  • calculates metrics from source code
  • displays 3 metrics at a time in a 3D view (area, height, color)

Here's a screenshot:

Efficiency Platform screenshot

I'm looking for a tool that does the latter only (visualization).

The tool would need to

  • take the input in a well-defined format (CSV, XML or similar, I don't really care), ideally 4 columns + header. The 4 columns are name of the item (e.g. class/file name) plus 3 metrics (e.g. lines of code, complexity, number of developers).
  • convert those numbers into 3D boxes, where the area is calculated according the squarified tree algorithm
  • be able to switch axes
  • provide some 3D navigation

The tool

  • needs to run on Windows 7 SP1 x64 (or later if possible)
  • can be commercial, if so, it shall cost less than 500 €
  • must have a trial version for free ("Efficiency Platform" didn't have that. Getting a trial was possible for ~4k€, which was simply too expensive)

I have tried:

  • using Famix Generator to create a Moose model and then convert that into 3D with CodeCity. Unfortunately this already fails on a simple Hello World program with the error message

    Cause of Dump: Unhandled exception: Import error: unknwon EMOF class 'FAMIX.FileAnchor'

  • SharpMetrics Workbench Community Edition, but it's for C# only and I'm looking for a more generic solution


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I would suggest taking a look at python and it's many visualisation libraries like matplotlib, plot.ly or VPython.

  • Input - Python comes with good csv & xml parsing libraries
  • Squarify - There is an implementation of the algorithm here
    • This will lay out your areas and you can add whichever metric you choose as the height
    • I would suggest that you will need to start out with the lowest level of your structure and squarify into each higher level grouping before squarifying the next higher level.
  • Able to select axes Yes - You can select your own axes as needed
  • 3D Navigation - All the above libraries provide some degree of navigation and the first two also provide, out of the box, a number of output options to save your data views.
  • Run on Windows 7/64 SP1 or later: The above run on just about anything from a Raspberry Pi, through Windows XP..10, OS-X, Linux to supercomputer clusters.
  • Can be commercial but < 500€ - all of the above are available for commercial use and at 0.00€ are definitely <500€
  • must have a trial version for free - No trial version, just the full version free.

Looks like Code Charta (https://github.com/MaibornWolff/codecharta) may be what you're looking for. It's free and open source and the analysis component is independent from the HTML5 visualisiation that takes a JSON input file and produces the navigatable 3D Tree Map.

Check out the online demo here https://maibornwolff.github.io/codecharta/visualization/app/

Full Disclosure: I am working for the company that open sourced the tool.

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