This is a software development specific question.

In case of merges in SVN, I often want to compare all files of the branch against all files of the trunk.

Today I am using WinMerge, which can compare folders like this:

WinMerge Screenshots

Winmerge can

  • ignore source control files, i.e. the .svn folder
  • open folders by clicking on it

However, it cannot

  • ignore files that are ignored by SVN, i.e. have the - icon
  • display all files as a tree so that folders needn't be opened

Is there a diff tool that can display a complete tree, ignoring the SVN-ignored files?

It has to be

  • for Windows 7 SP1 x64 (and higher if possible)
  • free / open source
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    Since you are using WinMerge, you might want to know about WinMerge2011. Despite it's misleading name, it currently has more maintenance and features than regular WinMerge. I don't think it will do what you want for this specific task, but I thought you may find it helpful. :-) – RockPaperLizard Nov 23 '15 at 22:06
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    @RockPaperLizard: thanks for this link. Installed :-) – Thomas Weller Nov 24 '15 at 7:52

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