Is there any audio/video player that can skip over the parts in which the sound is below a certain level automatically? Watching lectures with uninteresting bits is horrendous!


There are a few python scripts, mostly working with ffmpeg about that could help:

  • Video Grep can either look for specific words in the subtitles of videos
  • MoviePy can be used to extract the audio from the video, you can then process it to identify the time periods when the sound is below a given level and generate a set of clips when there is some sound and reassemble them into a new video.
  • I did see a blog post that covered using IIRC OpenCV that detected the audio levels in football matches so as to create a highlights video but I can't currently locate it.

Right now, the only (low-effort) solution that I know it's to upload the video to youtube and watch it on NewPipe with fast-forward over silence on.

NewPipe uses ExoPlayer by Google, which is a video player that offers this utility in the API.

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