ClamAV is a virus scanner engine which a.o. works together with Amavis to check incoming mail for viruses. Unfortunately, it has two disadvantages: high resource consumption, and not the best detection rate (euphemism: in the linked results, it ranks at the end of the lists – same here). So I want to replace it with a better alternative.


  • works on Linux ARMHF
  • lightweight
  • good detection rate (and low rate of "false positives")
  • integrates with amavisd-new
  • not too tricky to install (preferred: .deb for Debian Wheezy and up, best via repository)
  • free (open-source preferred)

The environment is non-commercial ("ORG"). The virus scanner is just intended as a "convenience" for those few "mail clients" running on a Windows system – which somehow doesn't justify a solution eating about a third of all available RAM on the mail server while not offering real good protection.

2 years later, and still no answer here. Neither did I find something elsewhere, and meanwhile ClamAV is eating almost half of the RAM, getting killed by the OOM multiple times a day.

For those of you not having the ARM restriction, find some solutions at Alternative to clamav that works with amavisd-new. One of the solutions offered there (Sophos) would suit me fine if it were available on ARMHF …

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    Seems what I'm after does not exist: no answers, not even comments, within the 3 years I've posted it. As ClamAV meanwhile needs more RAM than my little box can provide, I've nuked it altogether. Got no Windows machines anyway. Still, if something came up, I'd probably take a look … – Izzy Nov 8 '18 at 18:17

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