I'm looking for a simulator that will enable me to listen to the output, and ideally run on Linux and / or OSX. A front end for visually laying out components would be excellent too, but is not strictly necessary.

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    A front end for visually laying out components would be excellent. But if that is missing, what would your input then be???? Or do you mean designing a circuit board? Also, what are you willing to pay? Please edit your question.
    – user416
    Commented Dec 8, 2015 at 12:19

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I don't think something like that exists. You can use wav files as input (for sources) in LTspice and save the output in that format too, but I have not tried myself that function. It's apparently very slow.

And if just want to do audio programming (no real electronic components), there are plenty of options: SuperCollider, Max/MSP etc. The latter (which also has a free equivalent as Pure Data) actually uses blocks that implement DSP functions and which you connect as a circuit, but going from that to an actual implementation in electronics is a long way.

enter image description here

  • Thanks for the tip on LTSpice. I'm exploring it now.
    – quuxman
    Commented Nov 8, 2015 at 7:33

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