I am looking for video/voice recorder software for Skype and Viber:

  • Freeware
  • Windows
  • Actively developing /no abadonware
  • No spyware/crapware: common AV software should not recognize download site /downloaded installer/installed software as virus/malware/spyware
  • No WUP/Ransomware/Shovelware
  • No subscriptions etc. Free should be forever
  • Recording should be started automatically after with record type choosing (video / audio). I.e. you can also record audio in video call
  • The software should be actually designed/optimized for Skype/Viber. As I mentioned simple screen recorder are not very suitable/optimized for audio/video call recording
  • Stable. Every call should be /can be recorded. It should be clearly identifiable if video call record has been started.
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If you are looking for a VoIP recorder specifically for skype then Pamela would be the best option. Its Feature Includes

Free Skype Call Recording
Skype Chat Recording
Record calls automatically
Skype Conference Call manager
Answering Machine
Auto Chat Reply
Email Forwarding
Blogging & Podcasting
Free Skype Video Recording
Skype Call Scheduler
Mono/Stereo recording option
Create cool mood messages
Play sounds during calls
Birthday Reminders
Contact Personalization

The free basic version allows up to 15 minutes voice recording per call and 5 minutes of video recording per call. Paid versions have tons of features and unlimited recording.

And another software you may want to look at is Total Recorder. This software is to recording everything that is happening on your PC whether its a VoIP, Sound passing through sound cards, Streaming audio or local audio and click sound open sound just about everything. Sounds are recorded both in compressed and uncompressed(FLAC) formats. Although the free basic version allows up to 60 Seconds voice recording per call only. :(

Hope this resolves your issue!!! Cheers!!

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