From the documentation:

Xautolock monitors console activity under the X window system, and fires up a program of your choice if nothing happens during a user configurable period of time. You can use this to automatically start up a screen locker in case you tend to forget to do so manually before having a coffee break.

My current usage:

  1. Lock Awesome WM desktop with Ctrl-Alt-l:

    { "Mod1", "Control" },
        function ()
            awful.util.spawn("xautolock -locknow")
  2. Automatically lock desktop when idle, warning the user 30 seconds before doing so:

    xautolock -time 10 -notify 30 -notifier "notify-send --urgency low --expire-time=10000 -- 'Locking screen in 30 seconds'" -locker slock &

I've found a bug in Xautolock (the timing of -time and -notify seems to be off), but the program doesn't seem to be maintained, and it doesn't seem to have an official version controlled source repository. The only "reference" is a directory. Is there an alternative, ideally compatible with Wayland?

  • Can you add a brief description of xautolock to your question? – RockPaperLizard Nov 2 '15 at 19:04
  • xautolock has way too many bugs. I'm just switching to manual screen locking. (Though, one could feasibly code their own xautolock-lite within a few minutes, which should work much more reliably.) – Mateen Ulhaq Aug 1 '17 at 11:05

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