I have trekked the internet for anything that I could possibly find, and have tried the following so far:

  • Overwolf,
  • Steam (of course)
  • Origin In-Game
  • EvolvE hq

And probably others, may have forgotten.

Anyways, I have found none of these to fulfill my wishes. My wishes are:

  • Easy access to Skype chats and calls

  • Steam chat and voice chat

  • A good ingame browser

That's about it.

Overwolf was the best so far, but the Skype app is gone, and I can't play Steam games and Steam chat at the same time. Won't let me log into both. All of these features should be all-in-one, and I don't want multiple programs doing pretty much the same thing each with one used feature. That's just wrong.

  • who uses skype? use overwolf with teamspeak, or just use Steam chat/ voice – Jacob Evans Oct 31 '15 at 21:42
  • Now you can log into steam multiple times so that covers that but unfortunately yes the skype api for overwolf is gone... im hoping overwolf do find a way to bring it back i loved it... well that me kicking buckets so.... bye :P – user21554 Feb 16 '16 at 8:56

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