I am looking for a framework for communicating to rest services.

The framework must be:

  • .NET 4+ Compatible
  • Mono Compatible
  • Minimizes boilerplate code

As a side note the server actually runs NancyFX and I do have control of the server for getting meta information out about the REST API it exposes.


RestSharp matches all the criteria.

Coding is straight forward:

var client = new RestClient("http://example.com");
var request = new RestRequest("resource/{id}", Method.POST);
request.AddParameter("name", "value");
request.AddUrlSegment("id", "123"); 
request.AddHeader("header", "value");


  • .NET 3.5+
  • Silverlight 5
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Mono
  • MonoTouch
  • Mono for Android
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