I have two TCP servers and each expects a client connection, but I need to have them talk to each other. This is how the connection looks like:


Ser2net listens on a port and ofono-phonesim listens on a port, but ultimately I want the device to speak to the modem simulator.

It would not be hard to implement the XXX, but perhaps there is something ready available? A suggestion of a simple suitable scripting language library would be appreciated as well.



If I understood your problem correctly, then I can simulate your environment with three terminals.

In the first, I run nc -l -p 1337. In the second, I run nc -l -p 1338.

Now, in the third, I run


and I am able to enter text in terminal 1 and it arrives in terminal 2. And vice versa.

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  • You have got a spot on! I am accepting this answer. Thanks! – Roman Saveljev Oct 30 '15 at 11:49

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