I'd like to track various contracts (at work).

There are service contracts for CNC machines, maintenance contracts from software vendors as well as various other contracts in purchasing and HR.

I imagine that the contract data (partner, begin, end, notice period, the scanned paper document,...) can be entered on some kind of mask and later retrieved using some kind of (keyword) search.

Ideally the software should send an email to tell a designated person that a contract would end in X weeks / months.

I was only able to find such functions as part of, for example, an IT management suit which also tracked assets, users, and much more. Obviously, this would be overkill...


I'm replying a bit late but I think you'll find my answer useful. Agiloft Contract Management Suite will do exactly what you're looking for. The contract management software is built on a no-code platform that enables the solution to be tailored to your exact needs regarding storing and retrieving and contract notifications. The solution is capable of handling virtually any document including procurement contracts, HR, and from software vendors.

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