I'm looking for a display to monitor a few machines I have set up to create a sort of capture the flagged network for a few of my friends to practice and have some fun on

Sans Example

I'm hoping to get something looking like the sans example I have included in this post, probably not as advanced obviously as were only using 6 machines so an agent-based solution would be fine.

looking for something like a grid that can be viewed from 1 machine or hosted on a VM and viewed from a browser.

Has anyone seen anything or know anything that I may be able to implement?

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    What is your input, what data do you want to visualize? Please edit your question – user416 Oct 26 '15 at 16:37

You could almost certainly produce your display with python, ipython notebooks, (Jupyter), and bokeh, your notebook can poll the data from any suitable locations and could be viewed either via nbviewer as a static page or as a dynamic page.

A nice example of the sort of thing that you can do is the Periodic Table example.

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