I would like to use neural network method for approximating Nash Equilibrium for general games (especially card games)... What would be some standard package I could use? Thank you.


It sounds like you should be looking into Gambit which is a GNU licensed package for exactly that sort of thing:

  • Open Source - GNU GPL Licence
  • Cross Platform Windows, Mac & Linux
  • GUI for exploring strategies & outcomes
  • Python API for implementing complex games, etc.
  • Command-line tools
    • gambit-enumpure: Enumerate pure-strategy equilibria of a game
    • gambit-enumpoly: Compute equilibria of a game using polynomial systems of equations
    • gambit-enummixed: Enumerate equilibria in a two-player game
    • gambit-gnm: Compute Nash equilibria in a strategic game using a global Newton method
    • gambit-ipa: Compute Nash equilibria in a strategic game using iterated polymatrix approximation
    • gambit-lcp: Compute equilibria in a two-player game via linear complementarity
    • gambit-lp: Compute equilibria in a two-player constant-sum game via linear programming
    • gambit-liap: Compute Nash equilibria using function minimization
    • gambit-simpdiv: Compute equilibria via simplicial subdivision
    • gambit-logit: Compute quantal response equilbria
    • gambit-convert: Convert games among various representations
  • the problem is, the game I am interested in is extremely complex, just like texas holdem... Which i think those method should not work...
    – user40780
    Oct 24 '15 at 7:41
  • Have you tried it costs nothing Oct 24 '15 at 16:29

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