Does any web service (either free or commercial) exist that converts a location, date and time into UTC?

As background, I'm implementing alarm functionality on an embedded device whose notion of time comes from a combination of NTP and uptime. I'd rather avoid implementing a local database to handle timezones or daylight saving.

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You should look at Time and Date.

Not only does this present a large number of time formats, there is an API than should be just what you need.

The API calls are rate-limited, based upon your subscription. There is a free trial available.


It depends on the programming language you are utilizing.

C# includes a UtcNow function to return current UTC time:

public static DateTime UtcNow { get; }

You can then use local time as a reference for the time difference.

Visual Basic would use the following syntax:

Public Shared ReadOnly Property UtcNow As Date

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