I need a program that can get a public link for a local image automatically. (using any service, so long as there is a link for it) So it will need to upload the image somewhere and return a link for me to use. Preferably it also needs to work with Raspberry Pi, but that might be pushing it. (it also needs to be free) Does such a thing exist?

  • Do the usual image hosting sites like Imgur maybe have such tools?
    – user416
    Oct 20, 2015 at 17:36

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Python + Google Drive API or any other sharing service:

  • Work on anything, (just about), including Raspberry-Pi.
  • Free
  • The only down side is that you need to do some work first.

Just follow the quick start instructions and take a look at the demos & APIs to find out how to upload a file, share it & get the link to share it with.


Dropbox offers that after you put a copy inside your Dropbox folder:

enter image description here

My UI is in German, but it basically says "Share a dropbox link" which you can then give to someone.

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