I am looking for an open-source framework, or product, or customizeable app, that allows me to

  • define items
  • manage (create/edit/copy/delete/import/export/version-control) those items
  • define and assign categories for those items
  • manage (see above) compatibility rules for those items (for example by grouping them into categories, and specifying which item categories can be combined with which, forming an individual configuration)
  • use a "configurator"-like functionality that allows me do plan the integration of items to form an custom (and buildable!) configuration.

It´s like a small car configurator: Based on a database that holds items, categories, and "compatibility" rules, it allows me to integrate the car of my choice in an interactive way, never offering me options that don´t match (like a roof-mounted luggage rack for a cabriolet, nobody should be able to order that one!), so only buildable configurations can be created.

So basically, I am looking for a customizeable solution that provides a domain-neutral base for building up and maintaining the database, and using it to create configurations.

In this century of small-volume built-to-customer production, I cannot believe that one has to start from scratch for such a thing?

I bet that if there is a solution base, it will be open-source because one will want to tweak and integrate this in ways that no closed standard software package could provide.

* Update * Oh, I forgot. Commercial software would be welcome, too, but I simply don´t think that will be flexible enough to be domain-agnostic. The platform should be Windows. It´s ok to install stuff on end user´s machines (no need to run in the browser). Also, so far no limits regarding other systems requirements, like database, RAM, or whatever.

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