What is a simple django-admin startproject mysite?

I am using Bitvise currently and am very happy with it except that I can't create tabbed terminal windows. When I need to have many terminal windows on my desktop, I become less efficient.

Other things I like in an SSH client are:

  • Simple to get started with (as I felt Bitvise was)
  • Possible to open SFTP window
  • Nice if it can save my SSH passphrase so I don't have to enter it every time

My personal favorite in this context is MobaXterm – which might go a little beyond what you've asked for. It comes with a built-in Cygwin, so you can even run Linux commands on your local system. And of course supports tabs (which was why I first checked it out), so you can have multiple sessions in a single window. It even ships with an X Server, so you can have graphical output from your *nix machines on your Windows client:

MobaXterm MobaXterm
MobaXterm (source: MobaXterm; click images for larger variants)

This just scratches on the surface. To find out more, see its feature list. I'm not a Windows fan – but when forced to use it (e.g. at the place of a customer), I'd always take this one with me. Used it long term at my last customer's place: fast, efficient, reliable. The only little annoyance is the "ad link" in Moba's status bar (hit it far too often accidentially, which then always opened my browser), and the "penguin screenserver" – but those can be disabled if you "go pro" for ~USD 50. Not having a Windows machine, I didn't buy – the free version always was sufficient for me.

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You can use SuperPuTTY:

  • free
  • open source
  • tabbed SSH sessions
  • can save layout
  • no SFTP

enter image description here

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