I'm looking for a SDK to develop a video call application in .NET (C#). I prefer an Open Source solution, but I'm evaluating also non free solutions. Any hints?

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I recommend checking out the LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK for this. This SDK includes support for standard streams such as RTSP and MPEG-2 Transport over UDP. LEADTOOLS also provides a proprietary stream specific for video conferencing applications with dedicated demos to illustrate this.

You can set up a simple server and client in just a few lines of code. Here's sample server code:

CaptureCtrl _capturectrl = new CaptureCtrl();
_capturectrl.VideoDevices[0].Selected = true;
_capturectrl.AudioDevices[0].Selected = true;
_capturectrl.VideoCompressors.H264.Selected = true;
_capturectrl.AudioCompressors.AAC.Selected = true;

_capturectrl.TargetFormat = TargetFormatType.NET;
_capturectrl.TargetFile = @"ltsf://"; //set up port to listen for connections


Here's sample client code:

PlayCtrl _playctrl = new PlayCtrl();
_playctrl.SourceFile = @"ltsf://"; //Set port to sent connection request to

Disclaimer: I am an employee of the company that wrote this library.

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