Some of my accounts require multiple fields such as username and a separate ID in addition to a password to login. KeeFox (improving the collaboration of Firefox and Keepass) supports this just fine, and I can additionally use KeeAgent as replacement for ssh-agent to store ssh keys. The things I am currently missing though:

  • GnuGP integration - ideally the sought software would also act as gpg-agent
  • Single Sign-On - once I log in to Linux, everything should be unlocked until I lock the screen or log out again. I could probably encrypt my home directory and then use unencrypted password files, but somehow that makes my gut complain. The closest alternative I can get to is using pam-ssh which uses an SSH key to authenticate login and act as ssh-agent at once, and then I probably could use the method described here to obtain RSA-signatures acting as passwords edit I wrote a small Python script ssh-agent-sign, though there's at least one important issue unsolved for now...


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