I'm looking for an PHP OOP app or library which implements PayPoint's 3rd generation PSP as documented in this Developer Documentation (supporting both MITE and LIVE Endpoints).

So far I've found:

so obviously not PHP.

The only PHP which I've found, is Drupal module: Commerce Paypoint (which includes Gateway Hosted & Gateway Freedom integration, so it's completely different API with different endpoints);


I've wrote a class as part of the Drupal module. See project home page, main repository and mirror on GitHub.

Sample usage (PHP, code Drupal 7 oriented):

  $ppo = new PPOAdvancedPayment($url, $username, $password, $instId, $hosted);
  $ppo->setCustomerDetails($billing_address['name_line'], $address, $telephone, $email, $ip_address);
  $ppo->setTransactionMoneyFixed($total['amount'], $total['currency_code']);
  $response = array();
  try {
    $response = $ppo->sendProcessPayment();
  catch (Exception $e) {
    watchdog_exception('commerce_paypoint_advanced', $e);
  $response = $ppo->getLastResponse();
  $status = $ppo->getLastStatus();
  $code = $ppo->getLastCode();
  $data = $ppo->getLastData();
  if ($settings['connectivity']['debug'] || variable_get('commerce_paypoint_debug', FALSE)) {
    watchdog('commerce_paypoint_advanced', 'PayPoint response:\n<br>%data', array('%data' => json_encode($ppo->getLastResponse())), WATCHDOG_DEBUG);

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