I need a visual LaTeX editor for general use on Ubuntu 14.04+.

To be more specific, some features that would be helpful would include:

  • Bibliography/references/inline citation management
  • Footnote support
  • Figure support
  • Image support

Others that are not so important include:

  • Spell Check
  • Maths equation generation

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TexMaker may be what you're after. It has plenty of features, including PDFLaTeX options, code completion, basic document templates, error logging, and bibliographic functions.


It's available in the repos as far as I'm aware, so on Ubuntu it's simply a matter of running sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install texmaker

If you've not installed the texlive packages you'll need to do that first, a quick (albeint overkill) way of getting all the Texlive packages is sudo aptitude install texlive-full


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