I'm looking for an mobile app with an accompanying cross-platform desktop companion (or Chrome extension) to allow the sharing of clipboard contents across a range of devices.

Right now, to transfer short bits of text (e.g. URLs) from one device to another, I use Pushbullet. This is a workable solution, but I'm looking for something a bit more seamless, so I can CTRLC a URL on my Android device and paste it into the address bar on my Xubuntu machine. In short, I want a unified clipboard that's shared across devices.

More platforms are definitely preferred because I often use a range of devices that run Chrome OS, Xubuntu, Windows, OSX, Android, iOS amongst others. It's going to be difficult to find a solution that works across all, so something that works across 3 of them or works on mobile as well as Google Chrome is fine.

Holroy has graciously pointed out below that Pushbullet actually supports this, and I can confirm it works brilliantly once you enable it for each of your devices.

  • Have you considered Google Keep? It will introduce some extra steps, but in return it works almost straight out of the box. To get copy&paste across devices would require some coordination or tool installment on both host and client, and with multiple devices that might be cumbersome.
    – holroy
    Oct 4, 2015 at 12:33
  • Pushbullet allows sharing in a similar way to Google Keep. I understand I can manually copy and paste into Keep to have a sort of online keyboard but I'm looking for a more seamless experience. Also, Keep seems to mangle code spacing and indentation.
    – Huey
    Oct 4, 2015 at 13:05
  • 1
    Doesn't pushbullet already support this? What is lacking in their solution?
    – holroy
    Oct 4, 2015 at 14:13
  • Oops, I must have missed the announcement. I just checked the Pushbullet options and found it unchecked. Enabled it now and it works great! Feel free to add it as an answer and I'll accept it.
    – Huey
    Oct 4, 2015 at 14:17

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It seems like the newer versions of Pushbullet already has universal copy and paste, so try enabling it in the preferences, or possibly update app if you have a really old installation.

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