Looked at a ton of auction software from Google and checked out everything in github. There's some potential choices there but want to investigate further before making a final decision. The auction software I'm looking for will:

  1. Run auctions like eBay with exception the house creates all auctions and users only bid (users don't put items up for auction)

  2. Hosted on company servers (no cloud-license / white label etc)

  3. Customizable as the eBay-style is not the only auction method we will use

  4. Can be paid software and does not have to be open-source although open-source will be fine (I couldn't find anything that was stable on github but haven't looked everywhere yet)

  5. Prefer non-CMS plugin/module (The site will be 100% auction and so a dedicated software to auctions would be nice)

  6. Must be stable enough to run out-of-the-box even without all the features we will need to develop (ie an eBay clone ready to spin up and test and build further develop from)

  • Wouldn’t it still be a CMS, albeit a specialized one?
    – unor
    Oct 2 '15 at 19:43
  • I guess it is on a technical level that anything else is dealing with content. I mainly didn't include the cms tag because I wanted to avoid mostly, "Check out this Drupal module" answers.
    – o_O
    Oct 2 '15 at 21:11

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