I have a laptop (running Windows 7) that is connected to two external monitors most of the time. When it is connected to the external monitors I do not use the screen on the laptop at all, however it is not possible to turn of the laptop monitor so it's always on.

I want an image slideshow program to use as a "screensaver" that I can run in fullscreen on the screen to avoid burn-in. Bonus if it can grab my photos from google, flicker or generate nice patterns on its own without me having to have a bunch of photos available locally on the computer.

Requirements (must have):

  • Free (gratis) Windows 7 standalone program (i.e. not a chrome plugin)
  • Runs in fullscreen
  • I can select which monitor it should run on.
  • Changes images discretely (for example using moderately slow cross-fade or similar). Just switching from one image directly to another catches my attention and distracts me since the screen is always in the corner of my eye.

Nice to haves in order of preference (has preferably one of these features):

  • Google photos integration so it can display photos from my photo library.
  • Shows nice automatically generated geometrical patterns or similar (similar to audio visualizers without requiring audio input to display something nice to watch)
  • Flicker integration so it can display random photos from Flickr.
  • Slideshow using all photos in a local directory on the computer.


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