I am an Embedded Systems looking for a CAN sniffer software to view CAN messages and debug a CANbus from a Windows PC for development purposes.

The software would need to:

  • Display can id and cand data (preferably in hex)
  • Run on Windows XP or 7
  • Be able to interface with a CANbus via
    1. A CAN port on a CCP XM PC - with CANopen comm protocol
    2. OR a CAN to USB via a Sauer Danfoss CG150 device
  • Selectable port

It would be nice if the software also:

  • Had display and logging features (similar to RealTerm GUI) as then it could be used to display and store logs of messages.
  • Two way communication to interact with the CANbus would also be nice.

You should look at BusMaster: https://rbei-etas.github.io/busmaster

It does not cover all CAN adapters but the most popular ones are there. I was able to work with CG150(Sauer Danfos), IXXAT, PCAN on it.

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Well, the king of protocol tracers is WireShark. You should google for WIreShark plus CANbus.

Read things like this.

And definitely look into this enter image description here

I know that you specify Windows, but you could have a fun project with the Raspberry Pi.

I presume that you know that while CANbus has a common core, every manufacturer has their own specific information elements, often varying by model and year.

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