I'm looking for an alternative to AfterLogic's MailSuite Pro for Linux application. This application is exactly what I looking for with the one exception of not being gratis. I'm looking for a mail server application that has the following requirements,

  • Gratis
  • Runs on CentOS 7
  • Has an install wizard that is somewhat easy to use
  • Being updated frequently
  • Easy to use (both the administration end and the user/client end)
  • SMTP/ESMTP server
  • POP3 server
  • IMAP server
  • online webmail client (like roundcude)
  • Supports multiple domains and accounts
  • Forwarder accounts
  • Web admin panel
  • Can set disk quotas for users
  • Can set # of emails to be sent per hour (or some time interval or alternative feature)
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    I'd recommend looking at ISPConfig. No install wizzard, but a great set of directions that even my first semester linux students can follow. – ivanivan Jun 14 '17 at 1:21

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