I'm looking for a jailbreak tweak that allows for having two apps run side-by-side. I find it useful to take notes on a document on the other side.

I'm currently using ReachApp, but that has some problems.

  • Using some features of some apps cause the iPad to reboot to Safe Mode
  • The hardware keyboard doesn't work in apps updated for iOS 9, or Google Docs.
  • Often you can't scroll to the bottom of an app

Though iOS 9 has a Split Screen feature, it's not available for my iPad, the iPad Air.


  • Not too buggy
  • Compatible with iOS 8
  • Software keyboard is in the right place (like not in the top app)
  • Easy to split the screen (i.e., not just windows à la pre-El Capitan OS X)


  • Split in both portrait and landscape
  • Open multiple windows of the same app (is that even possible?)

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Well there are a lot of multitasking tweaks out there you can use. i will list a couple of them below and see what fits you right.

  • The first tweak i liked is multiplexer.The tweak blends traditional side-by-side multitasking options along with enhanced backgrounding, and multiple desktops., Multiplexer is a legit six tweaks in one. Each of the parts that make up Multiplexer contain a separate preference panel inside of Multiplexer’s preferences. They are as follows:

Aura – Lets apps run in the background
Empoleon – Windowed multitasking
Mission Control – Manage multiple desktops and their windows
Quick Access – Have an app in Notification Center
Reach App – Use and app in Reachability alongside another
Swipe Over – Access another app simply by swiping in from the right side of the screen

Here is the Link for the video


Another one you can use is multify.The real impressive feature is Multify’s edit mode. As stated, edit mode is what allows you to move and resize apps. This lets you run multiple apps side-by-side on screen at once. For example, you can have a YouTube video playing while browsing Tweetbot and reading Reddit. It’s powerful stuff.

Here is the Link for the video


Another one you can use is SideBySide.The tweak would bring true side-by-side simultaneous multitasking to iPads and iPhone, and would use Activator gestures as a means of invocation.To me, the fluidity of SideBySide looks like it could give ReachApp a run for its money. I also like the fact that it uses Activator, and doesn’t rely on Reachability, which limits how the tweak can be invoked.Sorry i couldn't post a link to this one because of the low reputation

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