I'm looking to share my bash shell with the world or maybe just a local network through a web browser. I'm aware I can use emulators such as ShellInABox, but I'm looking for more of a read-only interface. Sort of like Twitch but for terminal.

Use case could be something like this:

startserver localhost:8080

then terminal session proceeds as per normal, but all output and commands are broadcast in real time through a locally hosted server. Visitors to the 8080 port should be able to view the session.

Ideally, this should run with minimum overhead and in CSS/JS without any Java applets, flash plugins or other add-ons. I'm looking for a Debian solution, if that's relevant.

I've included a possible application below as an answer, but I'm open to more suggestions, especially since GoTTY seems to be more targeted at OSX than Ubuntu.

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GoTTY is a simple command line tool that turns your CLI tools into web applications.

GoTTY is available through HomeBrew

brew tap yudai/gotty
brew install gotty

There's a tar available for Linux users as well.

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