I want to manage a list of all available time series databases such as erol's blog does, but with more structured content.

My requirements are

  • defined format to collect properties of each database. Example properties: "deletion capability", "types of supported interfaces", "required software stack", "license model"
  • users can contribute content
  • preferably backed by a github repository and github website
  • possibility to filter the results and to query for specific content

Existing solutions showing realizations with other content:

  • passify.it (source) shows how this can be done with PaaS offerings. However, I find the software too complex to port for other use cases.
  • WikiMatrix. Great concept, but not open source (AFAIK)
  • I've been looking for something like this myself for a long time. Basically a mixture between libraries.io and those curated lists of "awesome" libraries that crop up on Github all the time (e.g. github.com/pditommaso/awesome-pipeline). The former has all the real-time data and nice interface, the latter has all the user contributions and curating. But there doesn't seem to be anything that has both. – smheidrich Jun 29 '18 at 21:58

Meanwhile, we created the ultimate-comparison-framework.

The core idea is to use markdown for data input, use a GitHub repository for hosting and a browser for rendering. No additional server needed.

Available comparisons are listed at https://ultimate-comparisons.github.io/.

Example: Ultimate graphframework comparison.

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    That's really cool! Thanks for following up on this! – smheidrich Aug 6 '18 at 10:57

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