I wanted to make a sheet in Excel and convert it to XML but it doesn't accept nested lists. So, I want to know if there's some software (for Linux or Windows) that shows only the information formatted after a XML Schema like Excel does (and support nested lists).

I want to be able to edit (or insert) only the data without touching the XML tags like in Excel.



You can use Foxe (free firstobject XML editor):

  • free
  • fast to open large file
  • Microsoft Windows
  • can edit values:

enter image description here

  • can insert new data, but I don't believe you can validate the XML against a XML Schema.
  • I guess it could work, but it's not like I was thinking of: a more newbie-friendly interface where the XML defines the structure more like a Excel sheet and the person who will insert data doesn't need to see or interact with the source code. Thanks! – Vinicius Coelho Sep 23 '15 at 13:38
  • 1
    @ViniciusCoelho FWIW FOXE is much clearer in how the structure is, than the example in your question. I have no idea what the XML structure associated with that table should look like. Maybe edit it and put some real-world tree-structured data in it, so that it becomes clear from the contents? – user416 Jan 21 '16 at 15:48

Not sure if this is exactly what you wanted but maybe it's close. In XiMpLe editor (http://ximple.cz) you can copy/paste structured text from/to selected area. If you have some xml file

enter image description here

and in Excel you have cells for pasting

enter image description here

you can paste it over cells in xml editor...

enter image description here

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