I'm teaching a college software engineering course, where the students are divided into small teams of 2-3 people. Throughout the semester the students work on their software projects, and I like to introduce them to agile sprint management tools. Would you recommend any online sprint management tools (both paid or free) to help with this?

Note: I've lightly looked into Atlassian Jira Agile, which seems to be overkill (and a higher learning curve for students). I've had students try Trello, which is too lightweight, because I can't view their progress without going to each person's page. If there is a way to easily upgrade or configure these products, that is an ok answer too!

Here are my criteria:

  • Students can add tasks and subtasks
  • Students can add points/hours to tasks as estimates
  • Students can assign tasks to people
  • Students can mark tasks as not-started, in-progress, completed
  • Students can add labels tasks as different themes or topics
  • Students can add sprints / delete sprints
  • As a teacher, I can create projects and assign students to a project
  • As a teacher, I can see student projects
  • As a teacher, I can see agile-burndowns of student points vs accomplished over time
  • As a teacher, I can see individual student
  • I just found www.scrumdo.com, which is like a trimmed-down version of Jira Agile with KanBan. The cost is quite high though. Sep 23, 2015 at 13:57

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I’ve been using VersionOne at my current (mid-sized) company for quite a while. It addresses most, if not all, of your criteria and comes as a free or paid solution including...

  • The ability to prepare backlogs by creating stories ('projects'), tasks, sub-tasks, and epics.

  • Assigning and prioritizing tasks with points and hours as estimates.

  • Scheduling and planning sprints. This includes assigning story and
    task status.

  • Conducting reviews and retrospectives after each "sprint".

  • Managing and reporting progress on a member by member basis. This includes burn downs.

VersionOne provides a free version. I would encourage you to try it out, or, view one of their many support videos that explain their features in depth. We use the in-house version, but, a hosted version is also available.

  • 1
    Could you please describe which features it does support, and which it doesn't support?
    – holroy
    Sep 22, 2015 at 23:10

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