I'm a bit of an IRC addict, and I tend to appear online most of the time because I use a bouncer. I would like to get notifications to my phone when I'm mentioned on IRC. I don't want to run an IRC client on the phone for all of this. I can use pushbullet or any number of notification services for the notification part - I need an IRC client that

  • works with znc in multiserver mode(so, it should be able to join the same server, with the same username with different passwords)
  • relatively easily be scripted to send trigger a command to send me a message - ideally when my username is mentioned, and if there's a disconnection from the system I run znc on to an IRC server its connected. I need to be able to send the message in question as an argument for the command as well.

    I'll be using https://github.com/Azelphur/pyPushBullet to send a note, and everything but the note contents will be static. I would want something like "Message on %networkname% %channel%, from %username% : %message_contents%" for message notifications, "bouncer has disconnected from %network%" and so on for the message contents

  • CLI based so I can run it in screen

  • runs on linux - I run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS so it absolutely needs to work on what.

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This is easily achieved using ZNC itself. Since you intend to use pyPushBullet, take a look at ZNC's modpython.

Sample module:

import znc

class MyNotifier(znc.Module):
  def OnChanMsg(self, nick, channel, message):
    if "JourneymanGeek" in message.s:
      # Push!

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