I am looking for an app that can turn an old smartphone into a home security alarm / baby-monitor / motion sensor.

It should:

  • detect motion.
    Probably by camera or microphone.

  • silently trigger some notification.
    Preferably by email, sms or call.

  • automatically disarm itself, when certain other smartphones are nearby.
    No alarm should be raised when a person with a "friendly" smartphone enters. For example by delaying any alarm for a minute and checking the local router's wifi network for the presence of those whitelisted devices. Another option would that the "friendly" phone runs another app that disarms the alarm.

  • automatically rearm itself, when all such friendly smartphones leave the area.
    No manual interaction should be required to re-enable the alarm.

It should not:

  • require uploading photos or sound to some sort of proprietary cloud service. Does not matter whether that cloud service claims that all data is encrypted.

Purchase price is not a concern, but a non-subscription based app would be greatly preferred. Absence of ads and non-suspicious app permissions would be great bonuses.

  • Not having used any of those I cannot vouch for a product; but while waiting for answers, be welcome to check my list on Re-using your old Android device as webcam / surveillance cam. WardenCam looks promising if that "cloud storage" part (using your Dropbox account) is optional, which I couldn't see in the desc. – Izzy Sep 20 '15 at 8:39
  • Thanks, this is a very interesting list. Unfortunately WardenCam seems to fail the automatic disarm / rearm requirements. The other apps I checked fail as well, as far as could tell from their manuals (So far I checked AtHome camera, ICamSpy Pro, Alfred, IP Webcam Pro, Video Monitor - Surveillance, MobileWebCam, Ocular IP Camera, DroidCamX). If they offer this functionality, it is incredibly well hidden. – HugoRune Sep 20 '15 at 9:15
  • I was just adding a few more candidates while you were browsing the list, so you might wish to check what's new. Thanks for listing ruled-out candidates, which helps potential answerers! As I wrote, I'm not using any of them, so this is as far as I can help. Good luck with your hunt – and hopefully some good answers! – Izzy Sep 20 '15 at 9:20

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