FC2 is the third most popular video hosting service in Japan.

How to download videos from FC2?


  • Runs on Linux (without WINE)
  • Free, ideally open source

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If you want a command-line tool, youtube-dl can handle FC2 links.


Use it like this:

youtube-dl http://video.fc2.com/en/content/20130725s9ppAvVC

Flashgot can download FC2 videos.

Just install Flashgot go to the FC2 webpage, start playing, press Flashgot Media (1) and enter a filename and folder.

Thanks Firelord (and Izzy) for the tips, I had no idea non-specialized tools would work for such a particular website.


You can use JDownloader:

  • freeware
  • ads-free (make sure you uncheck/skip the spyware when installing JDownloader)
  • standalone
  • works with Windows/Linux/Mac
  • can download FC2 videos
  • tons of other features

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