I have used QuickSSHD as an SSH server on several Android devices, but with the arrival of Android 5.1 and 64-bit operating systems, it seems it doesn't work anymore.

Both QuickSSH and SSHDroid yields an only position independent executables PIE supported error message. Icecold SSH Server works, but it does not allow for root access nor configuring the standard 22 TCP port.

What SSH Server could I use that allows? :

  • Root access.
  • Configure any TCP port.
  • Works on 64 bit Android 5.1 or later.

Open Source solutions preferred. Free, if not open source, accepted. Paid versions, if not possible, accepted too.

This thread at Android's StackExchange reports about some SSH servers, but I have tested all of them and they don't work (or I have not been capable to make them work), possible due to the 64 bit issue, or they are not root-capable.

Full list of tested programs until now:

  • Quick SSHD.
  • SSHDroid.
  • SSH Server (IceCold).
  • Servers Ultimate Pro.
  • DigiSSHD.
  • Rooted SSH/SFTP Daemon.
  • SSHelper.
  • SSHD Manager (not tested: it requires OpenSSH).
  • SimpleSSHD.
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    I cannot tell about the 64bit requirement, but just give a short pointer: my short list of SSH Servers might be a starting point. Looks like many projects are not that active anymore :)
    – Izzy
    Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 17:03
  • Thanks you, @Izzy , but none of them works. I have added them to my list in the original post. Your second server says openssh daemon needs to be preinstalled like in CM (this is, Cyanogen Mod). I don't use Cyanogen Mod. Maybe you would have a link on installing such OpenSSH Daemon? Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 19:20
  • Unfortunately not, but a vague idea of how that could be accomplished: As you have root access, install a Busybox binary which supports SSHD. Some of them have Dropbear integrated, which is a lightweight SSHD. You might need to start that from the command line then. For binaries, also see here. If a "how-to" is needed, that better fits on Android.SE then :)
    – Izzy
    Commented Sep 15, 2015 at 21:03

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My workaround (the main problem is not fully solved):


  • Solves the problem of root access for remote SSH login consoles and has a very good shell (some others don't even have TAB completion).
  • Works fine on Android 5.1. Most of the others yield (as for today, September 2015) a PIE Error on the code (supposedly for the 64 bits matter).
  • However, does not allow for standard 22 TCP port.

The port forwarder tool (I prefer the payment Servers Ultimate, but there are many others free):

  • Redirects (forward) the 22 TCP port for incoming connections to your configured (2222 TCP default) internal port.

The two programs together save the day.
By the way, both of them must be running at the same time.

The rest of programs refered to in the original question have more unbearable problems.

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