I need a free software which can be used to open, view, edit and print XPS files in my Windows system. Am not looking for a converter like XPS to PDF converter. Suggest a good software.

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I found what your looking for, it's called Master PDF Editor. Don't let the name fool you, it can work with XPS documents. With this software you can,

  • Open XPS documents
  • View XPS documents
  • Edit XPS documents
  • Print XPS documents
  • Free to use

Somethings you should note about this software is that you cannot

  • Save XPS documents (While you cannot use the Save As/Save feature within the program, you can print to an xps document to save it)
  • Can only save as PDF documents & depending if you have a license or not, it will add a watermark (however it will not add a watermark if you print it)

Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor is complete solution for editing PDF and XPS files. You can insert, edit, remove, copy, add images or graphics. Export, import, remove and change page layouts. Also Master PDF Editor provides full functionality for changing PDF information, including author, title, subject, keywords, creator, and producer information.

Master PDF Editor UI

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