I gonna participate in a software engineering practical course in which we have to execute a software project in groups with 5 members. The project duration is the whole semester, hence 3 1/2 months

In order to track the progress of the project I would like to use an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Software. I would like to insert requirements, specifications, bugs, defects and so on in this software.

Furthermore I would like to create effort estimations, GANTT charts and milestones with this software.

So my question is, do you know an free ALM software suited for smaller projects?

"Nice to have features" of the software:

  • .) Easy to install on a webspace (or space in the web provided by the software creator, like it is the case in GitHub 4 example.)
  • .) Accessible with a browser (like Polarion ALM for example)
  • .) PDF or WORD export of work items (requirments and so on)
  • .) If not accessible with a browser, it should be easy to install an Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

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I normally wouldn’t post an answer with something that I haven't used extensively. I have only been using this a few weeks, but it does look good. It say that it is Agile, but I have no problems using it for waterfall.

Endeavour Agile ALM features support for Use Cases, Iterations, Project Plan, Change Requests, Defect Tracking, Test Cases, Test Plans, Tasks, Document management, Reports and many other process artifacts. It has been designed with the priority in mind to be easy to use, intuitive and above all realistic by avoiding unnecessary features that might increase complexity.


Endeavour Agile ALM is delivered to the end user through your favorite web browser providing a graphical user interface with rich client capabilities and a look and feel similar to traditional desktop applications, it runs on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.

And, yes, it has Gantt charts and defect reports and the other things you asked for.

I am trying this to see if a single application can replace a group of specialized applications; I am not yet convicted, but YMMV

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    Yo Mawg (yo dawg lol), I should kiss your feet because you posted a solution that is really that specific kind of ALM software I have been looking for. I will try it out and see if it fits my needs. Sep 10, 2015 at 12:50

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