I often listen to a radio app and when I hear a good song I want to know its name.

When alone I start Shazam and turn the volume to the max so that the sound goes from the speaker to the microphone, in order for Shazam to hear it. Very low-tech. Undoable at work or in the train.

Is there a song recognition app for Android that would listen directly to the headphones' audio output?

  • Note that good radio player applications show the name of the track, album and artist on the screen providing the radio station is providing it, (most do), so possibly you just need to either change the settings on the app or change the app that you use to listen to the radio. Sep 10, 2015 at 6:07
  • 1
    @SteveBarnes: This information is not available. I am listing to a very local Pakistani FM radio, the DJ just mixes CDs manually and probably has never imagined that anyone would listen to his small jam sessions via the Internet.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Sep 10, 2015 at 6:19
  • Are you able to record from the radio app, and then use shazam at a later time when it's more convenient to do so?
    – holroy
    Sep 10, 2015 at 12:24
  • @holroy: The radio app does not have a record feature, but if there is a way to record headphones output then that could be a solution :-)
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Sep 11, 2015 at 1:52

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Genius app works fine. In settings you can select Suggest Genius Lyrics and you kinda get a notification containing name, artist and other stuff.

  • Please edit your question to add a link and a screenshot, thanks! :-) Rather than a notification, can I get the name of the song only when I want (usually no more than one time per day)?
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Feb 24, 2018 at 16:24

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