I need to implement photo editing capability into a website, and only JavaScript-based solutions are allowed (no Flash, sorry). The editor should not require local nor remote database, nor should it require connection to a third party servers. In other words, the editor has to be usable inside a local Web app. Also, the editor should support editing of JPG, PNG, and GIF images, so only SVG support (such as in svg-edit) is not enough.

I was able to find several online image editing tools, but most of them were either not embeddable or use Flash. The best I could find were Picozu and Photopea, although I'm not sure how much their licenses allow modifications to the code. I also found DarkroomJS and CamanJS, but these seem to be lacking many basic features.

Did I miss something, or are these the only tools available for JavaScript-based image manipulation? What open source JavaScript libraries could I use if I wanted to implement own editor GUI?

  • nor should it require connection to a third party servers. So a call from your web page pulling in a Javascript library from a third party is not allowed? – user416 Dec 3 '16 at 15:01

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