I am running a Python 2.7 app on Google App Engine and would like to convert text to speech, preferably storing mp3/mp4/wav files in GAE itself. The Python libraries I have seen all have C dependencies and so cannot be deployed on Google App Engine.

Google Translate will do the job online but only for up to 100 characters, and I cannot find any pure Python libraries for merging sound files (my texts are typically much longer than that).

Is there a library or an online service that will allow my app to serve sound files created from texts. For now, I only need English TTS.


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MaryTTS is a Java text to speech engine so you should be able to run it on GAE or other such services.

This python example shows how to request it (running as a separate service on the same machine) to process some text and return via download a .wav file. You should be able to have it running in one instance and your python code accessing it from another.


There are many options, here's how to save a spoken hello world using different libraries:

  • Using gTTS, Google's text-to-speech lib:

    import gtts
    tts = tts.gTTS('hello world', lang='en')
  • Using a Sapi wrapper:

    import tts.sapi
    voice = tts.sapi.Sapi()
    voice.create_recording('output.wav', "This will be in a wav file")
  • pyTTSx allows for TTS, but support for saving output as a file is yet to be developped

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