I'm looking for a portable program that will run under Windows 7 and will output all files needed for a static blog, in HTML, to be readable offline and uploaded by FTP to a website if required. Real-time WYSIWYG, where possible, would be great.

The single program (so not e.g. Python plus Ablog or Ruby plus Jekyll) should input the following files

  • files for each blog page, written either using an internal GUI or a text editor, perhaps in Markdown, to contain the page content, date and categories

  • a file to define the blog template, preferably put together using an internal GUI, so e.g. you can choose to have "last 10 posts", either shown individually or in a pulldown menu, and the same with "archives" or "top posts" or "blogroll" etc.

  • image files

  • other HTML pages, if any

and output a blog with every page in HTML.

(I leave aside the comments question for the moment. They could be handled using Disqus or alternatively using PHP for this only.)

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I have not tried it for your purpose, but LibreOffice is available as a portable version, and will save as HTML and export as XHTML. I don't know how clean the HTML is. (I know Word had / has a reputation for exporting dirty HTML.)

It will allow the use of a template. It can use image files. I am not sure about its ability to bring in HTML cleanly. The portable version is available from LibreOffice Portable.

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