I am looking for a Google Photos alternative because I don't really like the tag system.


  • I cannot organize photos nicely using albums
  • I can only add photos to albums but I cannot move photos to albums
  • When I delete photos in albums, they are not deleted in the list of photos


  • When a photo is deleted in albums, it's also deleted in the system
  • Large storage space
  • An Android app


  • Allow users to move (not add) photos to albums

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How about flickr?

  • Has an Android app

  • plenty of space (1T)

  • when deleting photo, it will warn you about permanently delete

optionally, can organise photos in albums.


If you want to organize local photos you can use https://github.com/k3b/APhotoManager/ which is available on fdroid.


  • can be used as a replacement for the android stock gallery
  • can copy/move photos to different folders (=?Albumms?) in single or multiselection mode
  • can delete photos
  • support for tagging and geotagging
  • free and open source


  • only support for local photos
  • not available in goolge play store

Note: I am the author of APhotoManager


Dropbox can store pictures along with other files, like documents. It has an Andriod app. If you refer friends to Dropbox, you get free storage. Onedrive is nice too, however, I don't know if it has an Andriod app.

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