I'm looking for a music player on linux that can replicate foobar2000's sort functionality.

I want to be able to sort my playlist by: Artist, then by Date/TYER, then by Track nr.

So far I tried Rhythmbox, Clementine, Guayadeque & Banshee. None seem to offer the ability to sort by multiple tags at a time, and none can read the ID3v2 TYER/Date tag which I keep in a YYYYMMDD format. They all display the ID3v1 YYYY tag, even though it looks like they can find other ID3v2 tags.

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Managed to find a player by myself in the end: Quod Libet

The ubuntu software center lists https://code.google.com/p/quodlibet/ as the developer website. But it looks like current development is done at https://github.com/quodlibet/quodlibet

It has a 'custom sort' option when you right click on your playlist and hide the first dropdown somehow (looks a little buggy here). You can add any combination of tags in the desired order.


As of v2.8.0 (Build Date: Apr 16 2016), Amarok also doesn't support ID3v2 custom tags. Foobnix, which I believe comes by default with Ubuntu, doesn't support ID3v2 either.

An actively developed music player that does support ID3v2 and can successfully read custom tags written by Foobar2000 is DeaDBeeF.

DeaDBeeF supports ID3v2

You can also simply run Foobar2000 with Wine: wine foobar2000.exe:

Foobar2000 on Wine

It has much better support for tagging: apply the same set of tags to multiple files, filter by tags (e.g. "UNDISTURBING > 70%" if you want to study, or "ACTIVE > 75%" for working out).

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