I want an open LMS that support the following features:

  • Creating of tests where studens can choose one or multiple options that may be graded;
  • Presence/non-presence and marks may be noted and viewed as a table;
  • Files may be updated by students (associated with tasks);
  • Working without Internet connection (in LAN);

I don't want big "enterprisey" things, I'd prefer:

  • Software runnable from it's own lightweight web server, or runnable from Nginx;
  • Software that can work without a database, or using Sqlite, or with LevelDB (or another lightweight key/value storage);
  • Preferrably not PHP (I just don't like it);

I plan running it from laptop (or even smartphone) or from a weak VPS.

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RELATE (maybe old name is CourseFlow?)

URI: https://github.com/inducer/relate

  • Quizs are supported and are rather advanced. The system can even run submitted programs in Docker
  • Files can be attached to quiz answers (relies on emails)
  • Simple, not overloaded UI
  • Django, not PHP. I expect Nginx setup be straightforward
  • Works well with (and even defaults to) Sqlite.
  • Seems intranet-friendly (no external javascript dependencies)
  • Git-based, plaintext format for everything. No WYSIWG editors.

Some issues:

  • Requires bower (and thus NodeJS) at deployment time. Workaround: supply those static files manually;
  • Likes e-mails. If mailing is not set up, some things won't work and though exceptions.
  • You can't create content from within the platform itself. You need to push it to Git and it becomes availble in RELATE.
  • Deployed.󠀠󠀠󠀠
    – Vi.
    Oct 1, 2015 at 11:37

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