Near 2009, I saw my aunt playing a PC game where she was cooking pizza, hamburger and fast food. In this game, customers get mad when their orders are bad made and / or the time used exceeds certain time.1

Now in 2015, a few weeks ago, in The Simpsons series, I watched a episode called A Tree Grows in Springfield and I saw Homer and Maggie playing a game on his tablet; a game which reminds me the game that I described above.

This is the image that I'm talking about (or you can search the specific scene).

Maggie and Homer Simpson playing a cooking game. Source: http://simpsons.wikia.com/wiki/A_Tree_Grows_in_Springfield


  • Operating system: Windows 7 2 or available version for Android devices 4.1.2 Version or higher.
  • Should be free download but if there's not free donwload, I'm interested to in buy it. 3
  • Languages: English (US) but deseable Spanish.
  • Intenet connection is not required.


  • Mouse (mainly) because I remember that it was a point-to-click game.

1 I suspect that due to the game mechanics, each plate with food has a time span for be prepared and delivered as indicated in the image sample.

2 I don't know the Windows 7 version (but I assumed that it was Windows 7, since she doesn't know how to use PC someone teach her how to play).

3 Indicate cost. I think that the game should not be expensive, more than $20 USD.

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When I was redacting the question, I searched on Google the game with this keywords:

pizza and hamburger pc game

The game is called Burger Shop 2. I'm not sure yet, but the description match with his first part of the game series called Burger Shop.

Burger Shop 2 game. Source: official website: http://www.burgergames.co/burger-shop.html

And this is a Youtube video with a gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7-XxawPI-U

Side note: The only thing that doesn't match with my question is that I remember well that this game has a level in a kind of "pink" caffeteria and also a cowboy guy.

I accepted my own answer, but if someone finds the "pink caffeteria" level or a better option to this game based on the requirements posted on my question, I'll consider accept that answer.


The description you gave immediately reminded me of a somewhat old game about the topic, Family Restaurant. In this game you manage a restaurant and have to cook the food for customers in a given time, and success is determined by how much money you earn, according on how good you make the food from a model and how much time you cook it.

A few screenshoots:

[Game screenshoot][]

Game screenshoot

Game screenshoot

Game screenshoot

About the requirements:

  • Works on Windows 7 (and few other versions too). It also has an Android version and even a Flash one playable on the web.
  • Android version is free, web too but Windows is paid with a free trial.
  • English language only, I haven't seen any other language anywhere.
  • Windows version don't requires internet at all, web one obviously does.
  • As pointed out in your own answer, it has pink-based graphics all around.

Download links:

  • Thanks for your answer, unfortunately is not the same game, but I appreciate your efforts (+1 for that :) ). Also I'm editing my answer because in the game that I'm looking for is more like Burger Shop 2. it has a cowboy guy and another kind of characters, you can se a youtube gameplay here. Commented Sep 6, 2015 at 19:18

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