I am looking for something which combines Angular Ui Bootstrap's DatePicker and TimePicker.

When I place them side by side, the look ugly, no matter what I do with CSS.

Besides, I would rather get the properties of one ng-model than of two.

[Update] here's an example from my own answer below. Unfortunately, I can't get that working with eh framework which I use :-(

Does anyone know of something similar? I would rather have one icon than two, for use on smaller screens.

Calender Date Picker UI

when you click "time", the calendar is replaced by
Time Picker UI


Ok, just in case it helps anyone else in future, I finally found Bootstrap-UI/datetime-picker, you can check out the demo at http://plnkr.co/edit/S8UqwvXNGmDcPXV7a0N3?p=preview

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