I have done extensive research on trying to find free software that I can use to make publication quality structure diagrams and flowcharts with but have yet to find something suitable.

Tools I currently know about are:

  • XMind
  • Freeplane
  • FreeMind

And then there are a bunch listed here.

The problem with all of these are that they either make mind-maps that have quirky stiles that don't look very technical/professional or they don't support PDF or PS or high quality bitmap exporting.

I really like XMind, but the free version export totally rubbish quality bitmaps and no PDF.

What I currently use is LibreOffice Draw, but I have to manually place objects and manually connect them with lines and arrows etc. Thus not a very efficient workflow.

What are the tools that you use? Do you have anything that you can recommend?

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There is Gnome Dia.

This can be looked upon as a cut down, GPL licenced replacement for Visio. Although it nowhere near the facilities of Visio, it does have the features you ask for and will export in a number of formats.

It is available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

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