I'm currently making a website that's an ecommerce, and I sell T-Shirts, hundreds of them. I have some images that serves as 'mockups' for my products, that is a person wearing a flat T-Shirt. I'm looking for a way to generate all those images. Currently, the only way I know of doing this is to use Photoshop, and applying the masks correctly, but I hope there's a smarter way of doing so. Does anyone know?

  • Any OS
  • Free or Paid


  • is a command line tool, ideal for doing batch processing
  • provides composite that allows you to combine two images
  • is free
  • for many OS

Smiley over Flower gives Combined

If I understood the request correctly, you take the Flat T-Shirt as the background and add the logo or slogan on top of it.

It has all kind of geometry options to place the picture at the correct location.

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